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soulrefresher – Past, Present and Future (2012-2013)

Once I leave this earth, I know I’ve done something that will continue to help others.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

It’s 2013 and thankfully the Mayans were wrong and the world is still standing with us here too! However, we decided to wait some time with this post just in case the Mayans made a small calculation error!

2013 - A new year with new exciting  challenges

2013 – A new year with new exciting challenges

A new year with new exciting challenges is lying ahead of us and we would like to say thank you to all of you for the journey we have experienced together so far. In September 2012 soulrefresher was born. Not a long life until now, but a fascinating one nonetheless. We want to thank you for following our story so far – all of you from over  50 different countries. 2013 will be an exciting year for us as we return to Europe after a period of  travelling. We are excited to now have the opportunity  to really develop  soulrefresher and bring our services to you.



The story so far: In our short history so far we have shared our ideas about a healthy life balance with you on our travels. We have tried to do this in the soulrefresher way –  information and critique with a dash of humour. Remember our first post about the baby penguins making their first small steps into life?  Well we’ve been a lot like the little penguins as we have made our initial steps. Your comments and interactions have offered us great support as we’ve tried and tested a few things. Many of you have liked the posts about Puppetji, the ‘puppet guru’ – comical looking but with the ability to offer simple and helpful truths with cheesy humour.

Our ‘Quotes of the day’ continue to receive great comments from you as each one can bring fresh inspiration into your day. We’ve enjoyed updating ‘soulrefresher’s travels’ series and are delighted with the interest that so many of you have shown in it. Now that we’re off the ‘road’ we’ll be updating this section with what we have learnt on our travels.

Sadhu Parmanand

Sadhu Parmanand in his simple hut (Rishikesh, India)

And now: We are currently in a transition period, planning our return to the West and thinking about the next steps for soulrefresher. We’re figuring out the balance about what you would like to see soulrefresher offer and how we can deliver on that. Our travels have inspired us so much that we’re currently sieving our ideas and working on coming up with the best solutions.

What next?: We will continue posting inspiring quotes/photos and information on topics such as relaxation, meditation and health. We will focus on two areas in particular; NLP and Reiki. In response to your interest both online and offline we will be sharing our skills and knowledge with you as Reiki Masters and NLP Practitioners.


International Association of NLP institutes

International Association of NLP institutes

We  are delighted that we can now offer offering face-to-face Reiki and NLP and Life Coaching services in Hamburg and Ireland (Dublin) and will introduce new NLP  and Life Coaching Skype sessions. Click here for more information.


We are currently planning informal ‘info sessions’  for Reiki and NLP in Hamburg and Ireland (Dublin, Galway, Cork) from March 2013 onwards. Please check back here for more details.

Thank you for you following our story so far and we look forward to continue the ‘soulrefresher’ journey together with you in 2013.

soulrefresher x


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Happy New Year !

The Mayans were wrong and so we happily say hello to the year 2013. A new year with new adventures, new challenges and new possibilities.

Bring out the sparkle in your life in 2013.

Happy New Year!

soulrefresher x

Thanks to Paul0X for uploading this video to You Tube.


A little update on soulrefresher’s ‘Quote of the day’

Dear friends and followers of soulrefresher. Thank you for the positive reactions on our ‘Quote of the day’. We know that you’re enjoying the posts so want to add a little more for you so from now on we’ll add a helpful little link to Wikipedia so you can read more about the ‘author’.

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soulrefresher says hello to the world

Hello from all of us at soulfresher! It’s a big day for us as we take our first steps out into the world.

soulrefresher is a lifestyle design agency dedicated to helping people find balance in their lives – the simple way.

Inspired by our own stories and experiences we’ve been working on some great ideas to offer people a simple and practical approach to finding a healthy life balance in everyday life. In short, we want to help people to refresh their souls! We hope to do this through both our face-to-face services and online toolkits.

We’re globally based but locally focused. We travel extensively in search of new tools and techniques for a healthy life balance but are still very much connected to the western lifestyle. We’re currently on Koh Phangan, Thailand where we offer  face-to-face treatments (Reiki, counselling) and Distance-Reiki and other online services.

We’re particularly keen to create online solutions for people with busy lifestyles and will be sharing more about this soon. Find out more about us and the services we offer.

In the next few weeks we’ll keep you updated on our progress and give you some sneak previews so do call back and check in on us or catch us on Facebook or Twitter.

In the meantime we’re a little like these penguins taking our first steps and trying to find our balance! Have a great day!

soulrefresher x