inner balance the simple way

The People

Arne Kruse (*Gopal)

Arne is an ordinary man who has taken extraordinary steps in his lifetime. German born, he has had a very successful career in business in Europe and fully understands the stresses and strains of the 9 to 5 grind. Always working to find balance in his own life he has long practiced various kinds of meditation to find the “real one” for him. A life opportunity in 2006 led  him to explore his passion for meditation and alternative healing therapies further .

For the past 6 years he has travelled all over the world searching for and experimenting with various tools and techniques to help achieve ‘life balance’. He is a certified NLP Coach, Reiki Master, Creative Meditation Practitioner and Tantra Facilitator. He has delivered healing and workshops across Asia and Europe and continues to explore his own spiritual side through ‘everyday meditation’. He believes that everyone is entitled to explore their spiritual side but this can be done in a simple, fun and engaged way.

“For me meditation doesn’t have to take place in an Ashram or on retreat. It is not about sitting motionless like a stone. Everybody can do that, it is just a matter of practise. You can sit like a stone but that doesn’t mean your mind will be still. Meditation is about awareness in everyday life and all of us can be ‘meditative’  in our own way. It can happen when washing the dishes, walking the dog or connecting with nature, friends and loved ones.The real challenge is how to connect to our spiritual side when we make mistakes, become angry, stressed or tired from everyday life. These are golden chances for us to grow and become more aware and mindful. The more aware we become of our thoughts and behaviours the better able we are to handle our emotions and reactions in the future.”

*For me it is not important if others call me “Gopal” or Arne. I took the name Gopal (sanskrit name meaning ‘of the senses’) in an Ashram in India in 2007 to remind myself to live fully and with awareness in all aspects of life and to be open to experiences. I don’t belong to any sect or religious group. It just makes me aware of my decision to change my life. It is just a reminder.”

People often take a Sanskrit name when they are trying to connect to their spiritual side as it helps them to be ‘mindful’ of the changes that they are trying to bring about in themselves. Usually they keep their own name and only adopt the Sanskrit name for a period of time – this could be 6 months, 6 years or even their whole lifetime, depending on their own personal development and journey.

Deborah Dignam

Deborah is an adventurer of life who is always seeking perfection for herself and those around her. Being a successful career woman and travelling for business reasons all over the world she has spent the last 15 years supporting, developing and conceiving companies in creative environments, particularly the Arts. Along with her passion for creativity and business she has always tried hard  to find the balance between work and leisure time.Not quite achieving the balance she needed for a demanding life in London she decided to take a ‘life break’ and started travelling in Southeast Asia in early 2012.  Eager to experiment with and also develop new tools and techniques for healthy living she has studied nutrition, yoga, meditation and explored many alternative therapies.

Practical by nature and equipped with a healthy skepticism for alternative practices she has sought out simpler and more grounded ways for a healthy lifestyle.

“I founded soulrefresher in order to offer simple life balance strategies for everyday people like myself. As a passionate creator and digital enthusiast I am excited to now design soulrefresher ‘life solutions’ for the connected digital world in which we live. I’m interested in the internet of the mind and how we can better use our time both online and offline to help us achieve more balance in our lives”.

Deborah is a certified NLP Coach, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher and is endlessly curious about nutrition and well being.



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