inner balance the simple way

soulrefresher flower

The six-leaved soulrefresher flower symbolises:

 1. Acceptance
Learn to love yourself, your life and the world around you as it is now. Make the most of what you have instead of focusing on what you ‘could have’.

 2. Gratitude

Be grateful for the person you are now and the people and experiences that have made you as you are.

3. No worries

Worrying about the past cannot change it. Worrying about the future cannot change it. So, why worry?

4. Trust

Have trust in yourself – your strength and abilities and also have trust in others.

5. Letting go

Carrying a heavy load of burdens through life can only weigh us down. When we let of negative experiences or feelings we become lighter.

6. Humour

Embrace life with a smile. Everything becomes easier if we apply a little humour to it and lighten up! 

And at the centre is you; aware of  how these behaviours/ characteristics can influence your happiness and daily life.


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