inner balance the simple way


soulrefresher is a lifestyle design agency dedicated to helping people find balance in their lives – the simple way.  We offer services and tools for people that will help them to refresh their souls but in a simple way that fits into their everyday lifestyle.

– delivers therapies such as Reiki, simple relaxation techniques and Tantra to help restore balance in people’s lives
– brings people to discover themselves through meditation
– offers a practical rather than spiritual approach to well-being and leads people to discover a better sense of themselves
– works creatively to design solutions for people that accommodates their normal working lives, leisure time or holidays

At soulrefresher we understand the demands and pressures of daily life and how they can so easily get on top of us. We are passionate about finding ways to live life that enables people to be themselves but with an inner balance that allows them to live life to the full. soulrefresher was created to share what they we have learned with other people using simple techniques and a language everybody can understand.

Why is soulrefresher different?

soulrefresher seeks to bridge the gap between ‘home/office, spa and ashram’ and offers solutions for personal development and healing in a more balanced manner. We provide services for our clients online and in the convenience of their home or hotel.




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