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Students meditate to relieve stress


Here is a very interesting article in the ‘Minnesota Daily’ about a group of students who meditate regularly to reduce their stress level. The group has existed since 2005 as more than 26 percent of students on the Twin Cities campus are unable to manage their stress levels. Read more about how meditation and mindulness practices help them in the ‘high stress’ environment’.


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2 thoughts on “Students meditate to relieve stress

  1. Wish they had run this when I was at university! I would have definitely learnt more without all of that panic. The power of hindsight 🙂

    • Yes, it is great that workshops about meditation and relaxation are offered in more and more fields of everyday life. Also found a good article now about American soldiers practising meditation. Gonna post that soon. So keep reading 🙂
      x soulrefresher

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