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In the lab: Does meditation really help to cure stress related illnesses? (Part 2)

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After her initial meditation experience in Nepal, BBC reporter Kathy Sykes felt much calmer. However,  she remains skeptical and wants to know more. It just seems to be so much easier to find relaxation in the far away landscape of Nepal than in normal life and – don’t we all want to find well-being at home and at work without having to go to Nepal or India ? Is it just suited to monks or can it help everyone ?

In the second part of the soulrefresher 6 part series “Meditation under the spotlight” Kathy goes back to the West searching for answers to the question: Can the positive effect of meditation be proved ?

In the research labs of  The University of Boston she offers herself up as a guinea pig in search of the truth as she undergoes various intensive tests and is acutely surprised about the result.

Learn more about what Dr. Herbert Benson of Uni Boston calls “relaxation response”.

Enjoy !

The 3rd part will focus on Kathy’s own experiences of Transcendental Meditation – a special method of meditation that many people feel suspicious of.

soulrefresher x


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